​Charlotte Barker

​​​​​​i've been working as a pofessional potter since 2007. Teaching pottery in my studio and making both functional and sculptural ceramics.  keeps me out of mischief...mostly.​

​Cat lover...dog lover...the beach...The mountains...andalucia...childrens 1970s tv characters...Photography...Picasso...Modigliani...Julie Arkell...John Maltby...lost and found...long walks...open fires...bell tents...buttons...bottles...broken china...old movies...quirky people...wabi-sabi...good wine...sharing food...friends...family...music festivals.

​Artist's Statement and Biography

​​​​Artist's Statement

Some of my pieces are planned and sketched before the making process begins but more often than not, I embrace a much more fluid way of working, where the clay becomes the sketch book. Whilst making a planned piece, a fold in the clay, or a happy accident during the glazing process, allows me to continually move forward and delevop my ceramic work, in a fresh and spontaneous way. A tiny part of one sculpture, can then become the main element of the next.

I'm fascinated by the notion of Wabi-Sabi (finding beauty in the simple and imperfect.) Glazes are developed from a constant and ever growing collection of found objects. If items can't be collected they are photographed. Rusty skips, peeling paint-work and dilapidated buildings, are all considered beautiful.  Layering and scratching back glazes to emulate the look of an old forgotten item, or sometimes incorporating a found object into the work, is an important part of the process.

​​Key inspirations for my work include; the nostagia I feel about television programs watched as a child; the haunting and dream-like portraits of Modigliani; the quirky and whimsical work of textile artist, Julie Arkell; the humour and simplicity of folk art;  the deeply human sculptures of John Maltby and the naive and childlike works of Picasso.

That being said, my influences are inherently everything that I see, feel and experience on a daily basis. Inspiration is everywhere!
​Snippets of conversations, situations, memories and dreams. All my loves, carefully packaged into each ceramic piece.

​Charlotte studied ceramics and glass at De Montfort University, Leicester, graduating in 2007 with First Class Honours.

Charlotte's pieces are the culmination and reflextion of her journey through life. Everything that catches her eye is examined and seemingly ordinary objects are revered. Her glaze inspiration is collected in the form of found objects, if they are rusty and broken, all the better. "I like how the seemingly insignificant can spark an idea. Peeling paintwork, a rusty sardine can, a squashed badge, all stir up in me a sentiment of once belonging, of once being a special item and of once being new. This quality has a parity with all existence. Quite simply, just as once we were all brand new and unaffected, time and effect age, wear and shape us, leaving impressions and marks that make us who we are today.​
​Charlotte's work is currently available to buy from;

​Eskimo Blue Gallery - Clarendon Park, Leicester. LE2 3BX
​Wistow Gallery - Wistow, Kibworth Road, Leicester. LE8 0QF
​Serena Hall Gallery - 16 Queen Street, Southwold, Suffolk. IP18 6EQ